The focus of this Friendly Guide, embarking upon doctoral study, is fueled by a conversation I have on a frequent basis is with health professionals thinking of starting a doctorate. So many questions and unknowns. After a while the questions have become familiar to me and so we thought we would try to answer some of them.

Looking through what is already available many of the resources are written in a formal academic style and are focused either on the whole process, usually of doing a PhD.

We wanted to create something a little different. Something focused on the time when it is a spark in someone’s mind. A little seed of an idea. Something which explores professional doctorates and PhDs and looks through the lens of a health professional. Something which combines practical information and a coaching approach.

To whet your appetite here are the topics we explore

  • Turning down the volume of your inner critic
  • The mouse roars
  • What are my options?
  • Let’s talk about costs
  • Finding a home for your doctorate
  • Taking a breath and leaping
  • Starting the conversation.

It is short, 21 pages, snappy and has suggestions for work you might like to do to help you make this decision.

To give you a flavour here’s the intro.

It is almost a confession, a whisper of excitement with a dash of dread. Do you dare to say those fateful words that will change your life forever…

“I want to do a Doctorate”

Are you saying it quietly in case someone hears? Can you really believe you are even thinking about this? Are you telling yourself ‘I must be mad!’ If thoughts like these are bouncing round in your brain, like a pinball, don’t worry; it’s a perfectly natural reaction. A doctorate is a fine aspiration but it is also a daunting one. It is good to take stock before you embark on that journey.

You have probably had this idea niggling away in your head for some time and are almost ready to act. But how will you prep? What route will you take? And where can you go for advice? That is why we have produced this short guide to help you on your way.

The first thing to remember is that you are not alone. Yours is a journey that many have taken, some direct and others via the scenic route, but all have two things in common: passion (the accelerator) and trepidation (the brake). We understand both. We are also aware of your passengers. Your journey has implications not only for yourself but also your friends and family.

Our map is precise. We are intentionally being pretty specific here and focusing on answering the small questions as well as the big that arise at the very start of the journey. The point of contemplation and exploration before making that final commitment.  

We aim to provide some answers, provoke new thoughts and hope to make you smile. Most of all we hope this resource will support you as you prepare to set out on your doctoral journey. What a wonderful journey it will be.

Would you like a copy? If so you can  download a copy here So you want to do a doctorate

Do you want to dive deeper? I’m running an online programme Stepping into Doctoral Study in February and March 2018 to give you time and space to think this momentous and exciting move through