Have you had moments when you cross paths with someone who has a significant impact upon your life? I was reflecting on this earlier as I ended a call with a coaching colleague Will Medd. Will is a professional coach who, amongst other things, undertakes 1:1 and group coaching work with researchers, academics and students. He is also co-author of Your PhD Coach. How to get the PhD experience you want

Ages ago Will was telling me about a series of short self-coaching focused videos he was making aimed at students called Get Sorted: Building Your Resilience as a Student. What I hadn’t realised, until today, is that the videos are now available for everyone to watch on You Tube. So, I wanted to share the news.

There are 11 videos in the series ranging from 3-7 minutes in length. Each video introduces a topic and includes an exercise to help you explore the personal meaning of the topic. I love this level of interactivity as it really challenges you to engage with and explore the issues on a deeper level and obviously, as a coach, I love the coaching approach (the animations make me smile as well).


The topics included in the series are:

  • Feeling Resilience
  • Habits that Energise
  • Reframing
  • Reframing ‘yes’ and ‘no’
  • Confidence as a feeling
  • Being confident
  • Start to manage your gremlins
  • Spotting your gremlins
  • Changing your gremlin conversation
  • Finding your values
  • Living your values.

Whilst the series is aimed at students (the examples are drawn from student life) the topics are actually relevant for anyone and well worth dipping into.

That’s it folks – just a quick share and shout out today!