Connecting with your essence is the third post in the Harmonizing series inspired by time spent with Dawn Breslin training to become a Harmonizing Coach. One of the exercises in the Harmonizing process focuses on reconnecting with your essence. Your true self, the person you are when you’re not trying to be someone or something else. The person you are when you are set free from other people’s expectations. Just you being you. 

In preparation we were asked to bring photographs from across our life of times when we were happy. An open invitation to dig into my old pine chest and forage through photos from a time before digital cameras. This in itself  started a voyage of rediscovery. So many forgotten happy moments. 

Deepening the connection

During the workshop we were asked to talk through the pictures with a ‘curious’ colleague.  Looking at the pictures: me at 3 or 4 a bit cute; a little bit older, 6 or 7, looking very serious in one of those annual school photographs; a bit older still standing on stage looking very nervous presenting my teacher, Miss Horn, with a retirement present. Then the questions began: what food did she like; who did she play with; what were her favourite games; how did she love to spend her time; who were her friends; what did she love to wear?

There was so much about this little girl that was forgotten. Those formative years crowded out by everything that has happened since. A small voice minimised by stronger more vocal narratives. It was a moment of stark realisation to be faced with how much had been forgotten and I was left reflecting on this lost connection.


The Harmonizing workshop was held amidst the wonderful surroundings of the Trossachs in Scotland. Hills, woodlands and Lochs to explore and take time out in natural surroundings. There was a walk through woodland down to the Loch which I’d walked it several times. After our photographic session I did the same walk and on the way back, for the first time looked up and saw this rather magnificent sculpture of a deer. Reflecting on the day it prompted the following poem:

Creative Inspiration

     You stand in the twilight

     As the seasons evolve around you

     A magnificent deer crafted by loving hands

     Surrounded by statuesque trees

     I walked past you three times

     Within touching distance yet blind to your existence.

     Wrapped in my own thoughts

     Bent on reaching my destination

     Eyes down and forging forward

     Last night I looked up and there you were

     Where you always had been

     Waiting patiently

     No longer unseen

     I see you.

I now have a picture of that little girl on my desk to prompt the question – who were you before the world told you who you should be?

It’s fun rediscovering her.