To start off project Year 1 Thriving Not Surviving we are putting out a call to qualified occupational therapists to share a song they feel best represents their first year of practice. Over the coming week we’ll compile the responses into a Year 1 Playlist. It’s been great to see some of the suggestions that have been coming in and so we thought we’d give you a little taster. We know that things are pretty tough for everyone at the moment but, as occupational therapists, we also know about balance and perspective. So, if you haven’t already contributed why not give yourself a bit of down time from all things covid19 related over the next day or so and dive into your music collection. It will be worth it to get lost in music for a while. We’d love you to help us create the Year 1 playlist because we know it will be awesome.

How do you contribute?

Once you’ve done a bit of reflection, reminiscing and perhaps even a little kitchen dancing it easy.  Whatever your social media platform we’re on it.

  • Twitter:@1otyear and use the hashtag #yr1ot
  • Facebook: Year-One OT
  • Instagram: year1ot

So post your suggestion and a link to it on YouTube if possible. We’d also love to know in a few words what made you choose the song you did.

AND………. If you don’t do social media you can email your choice to us

Some of the songs suggested so far

As you will see from the shares below there are many different reasons who a specific song was chosen. Each one provides a different perspective on Yr 1. It’s a bit like opening windows of a tower block and looking into different people’s flats. One building lots of occupants living very different lives. We’d love you to open a window into your experience and add to what has already been shared. Here’s a glimpse to whet your appetite

I’m so excited

Suggested by @paulwilkinson94 who shared:

“I’m so excited – is the first song that springs to mind. I remember that rush of excitement when I first received my HCPC registration number. Since then I’ve continued to be excited over learning and new opportunities.”

The Climb

Suggested by @OTBen_k who shared:

“Miley Cyrus – The Climb ‘life’s a climb but the view is great!’ I have climbed the mountain of uni. I have the job. It’s been 8 months and I’m still climbing and learning things about my job and role although it’s great and I’m enjoying it so much!”

You’ve got a friend in me

Suggested by @OTonthetracks who shared:

“Support network and having some great inspiring OTs helping guide me were such a huge part of year one (and still now)!”

I Will Fix you

Suggested by @zimmer_verena who shared

“Started on a rotation in trauma and orthopaedics, then burns and plastics.”

We’d love you to join in and share your Year 1 song.