We are building a community of newly qualified occupational therapists (NQOTs) that you are welcome to join. Together, we will create a resource to support the well-being of NQOTs in their first year of practice. Our project is called: Year 1 Thriving not Surviving and is funded by the Elizabeth Casson Trust.

To start the project off, last week, we posted a very straightforward question on our social media channels:

If your first year of practice were a song what song would it be?”

We’ve had some wonderful suggestions and today, just for fun, we are posting the ultimate Year 1 OT Playlist.

Music has the ability to distil complex emotions. Sometimes it’s the tune, the title or a specific phrase which resonates. There are some lovely themes running though the choices about resilience, the importance of support from friends and colleagues, the excitement of starting practice and triumphing over the challenges experienced during that first year.

Thanks to everyone who has contributed and for those who haven’t it’s not too late. So, if you’d like to add something post your suggestion so on:

  • Twitter @1otyear
  • Instagram: year1ot
  • Facebook Thriving Not Surviving Year One OT

And we’ll add it to the playlist.

We’ve created a YR1 OT Playlist on Spotify and will also post the link on our social media platforms for you to access.

Or if you’d like to just dip into specific songs and listen, just click on the link below and (fingers crossed) it should take you to YouTube.

Perhaps prepare yourself for some kitchen dancing.

A cheery welcome to an innovative project that all newly qualified occupational therapists are very welcome to join.