Last week in project Yr 1 OT we asked newly qualified occupational therapists (NQOTs) this question, “If your first year of practice were a song what song would it be?” From the answers we received we created a fabulous YR1 playlist that you might want to check out. Alongside some great music it also provided some interesting insights into the kinds of emotions generated during this year of transition. This week we are posing a slightly different question informed by the rule of 3.

The Rule of 3?

If you’re wondering what the rule of 3 is, well it’s quite simple really. Have you ever written a descriptive sentence and had the sense that there is a word missing? Tried to describe something and found two appropriate words but looked around for a third? The sense of incompleteness you’re experiencing has its roots in the rule of 3. Things that are presented in three’s are more satisfying than other numbers. Or, to transgress into Latin for a moment ‘omne triumph perfectum’ everything that comes in 3 is perfect.

Think about it:

    • 3 primary colours
    • The 3 Musketeers
    • Small medium and large
    • Stop, look, listen
    • Bacon, lettuce, tomato
    • Beginning, middle and end
    • I came, I saw, I conquered
    • Every little helps
    • Blood, sweat and tears

It’s highly likely that any great marketing slogans that stick in your mind have used the rule of 3.

This week we’re drawing on the rule of 3 to ask another question

What 3 words sum up your first year of practice?

We would love you to share them on our social media channels

  • Twitter: @1otYear
  • Facebook: Thriving Not Surviving Year One OT (a closed group for NQOTs)
  • Instagram: year1ot

Towards the end of the week we’ll turn them into a creative masterpiece and share them with you.

Don’t worry if you don’t use social media you can also email your suggestions to us at: or post a comment on the blog.

Be part of the team

If you are an OT in your first year of practice we would love you to be part of this project and share your experience to help us develop a resource to support wellbeing during this year of transition. Every Friday for the next few weeks the project team, who are all NQOTs, will be posing a new question. Alongside the public spaces of Twitter and Instagram we have also created a more private space on Facebook, specifically for NQOTs to get involved. So, please join the group and become part of Team Year 1, a project funded by the Elizabeth Casson Trust.