I was introduced to the music of Alexia Chellun by Dawn Breslin from Harmonizing. This morning I discovered this truly beautiful song, ‘Allowing me to be me”. 

It was one of those moments when a song quite literally stopped me in my tracks. It demanded to be listened to. No longer background music. The resonance of something speaking to your heart. An embodied experience that you feel as well as hear. 

I’m working with my colleague Rob Young on a project to develop a resource to support newly qualified occupational therapist. A group of newbies finding their voice. Trying it out in different ways. Making that tricky manoeuvre between wanting to ‘fit in’ and wanting to be Me: I’m allowing my path to unfold now before me

Add to that the context that we are all living in at the moment. A surreal world of untold limitations being placed on the way we live our lives. Negotiating a landscape which changes daily. The certainties we hold being challenged.

The need to accept the emotional swings of moving between optimism to overwhelm. Maybe suddenly finding tears running down cheeks evoked by some emotive music, clip on twitter, or film on TV. Giving yourself permission to go with the moment and not impose negative judgement on it: I’m allowing everything to just be as it comes to me. 

Those seemingly unanswerable questions we may be exploring at the moment about what is truly important to us and how our lives:  I’m allowing my path to light up before me

I find true beauty in this song and I hope you do too.


And if you liked that you might also want to listen to this as well, The Power of Love is Here Now.




Photo by Vlad Gedroics on Unsplash