Goodness its been a while since I’ve written a post! So much has been happening and I’ve been working on different projects and, honestly, it has felt that over the course of the pandemic the airwaves have been full of people offering advice on maintaining wellbeing.

However, there is something I want to share with you. Several years ago I completed Tara Mohr’s Playing Big Programme .  This is how she describes the  programme:

a course for women who want to play bigger in their work and their lives. In this course, we cover topics like Quieting the Inner Critic, Discovering Your Inner Mentor, Unhooking from Praise and Criticism, Communicating and Negotiating with power, and so much more

Since then I’ve led several bookclubs based on her book and reviewed it here. I love her work and her approach and, like me, she trained as a personal coach with the Coactive Training Institute.

For those of you interested in spending some time focusing on your personal development she is offering free weekly coaching and conversation sessions on a Sunday. They run for an hour and start at 9.30am Pacific time (which is 5.30pm in the UK). Each week  a different topic is explored and a downloadable worksheet is provided for the session. The sessions are all stand alone so you can dip in and out. 

To give you a feel for the sessions this week she focused on a question she heard Seth Godin ask in a recent interview:

When was the last time you did something for the first time? 

Whilst my mind automatically went to the things I’d done for the first time she developed the question and the discussion to focus on internal firsts:

Most of us want to keep experiencing “firsts” in our lives. We want to keep growing, and we want our lives to feel dynamic, exhilarating. We humans can stay busy pursuing “external firsts” – a first visit to some country, a first time to reach a particular financial milestone, a first run of a race at some speed, and so on. Sometimes these external firsts are important for our journeys. But “internal firsts” are at least – if not more – important: the stretch into a new perception, that moment of finding a new depth of courage, of telling a truth for the first time, or receiving a new idea from the muse.  

So altogether a bit more challenging. To explore the topic we worked through the worksheet together with Tara providing insights and prompts.  

There is a real sense of being part of a community with, this week, over 250, mostly women, from around the world joining together. The worksheets are downloadable and all the sessions recorded so that you can listen again. 

If you’re interested in joining a session here’s the link to the recording of the session on the 21st February and, at the bottom there is a link to signup for emails with links to further sessions.

I know that for a lot of women accessing a personal coach can be difficult for a number of reasons but here is a way of putting aside some time to do some personal development work. Not only that but you are accessing the expertise of one of a world leading expert on women’s development and leadership. How cool is that!

Photo by Green Chameleon on Unsplash