Do you have a thing in you that keeps niggling to be heard? Something you would love to do, ‘if only’. Something you keep pushing to the back of your mind and finding ways to ignore it?  Whatever you do to suppress it somehow it keeps finding a way through all the barriers you are erecting? It’s a persistent little blighter that won’t leave you alone. Attaching itself to you like a limpet. 

It may have been there for years waiting patiently to be heard. Maybe there have been times when its voice has reached a crescendo and yet, and yet, somehow you still managed to turn away, to put your fingers in your ears and ignore its growing sense of urgency.

I wonder what it’s trying to call you towards? I bet it’s something which makes you stomach turn, raises your heartbeat and makes you tingle with excitement. I expect it feels scary, a giant leap which throws up those recurring thoughts which keep you anchored where you are, am I good enough, strong enough, brave enough? Dare I?

If this feels familiar then this is for you……

This Thing In You

will not take no for an answer.

This that somehow 

shines strong 

beneath the heavy hard hurry 
 of your conveniently 

noisy life. This shapeless

something that shows up everywhere—
even when you forget
to notice.

It does not
understand safe
or sensible, will not let you get away with half-hearted lifeless lies.

It’s that wordless
that does not know how
to be quiet. It will continue knocking until you throw open
the door. Until you become

Ablaze. Awake. Madly in love.

The dazzling artist of your own
wild life.

                                                   Julia Fehrenbacher

Photo by Darius Bashar via Unsplash