“This book is to remind you what it’s like to feel free….” a sentence in the prologue to Freedom Seeker. Live More. Worry Less. Do what you love.  that really got me thinking. Just this one sentence evoked a whole raft of questions which are still going round in my head. What does it mean to be free? More importantly what does it mean to ME to feel free? When was the last time I felt truly free?

That one I can answer, standing on top of a hill in Scotland at around 6.30am on my own watching the sun rise over the lochs below, surrounded by nothing but the sound of birdsong.  The others require a lot more thought.

So, what is freedom in the context of this book? 

Freedom is the willingness and ability to choose your own path and experience your life as your true self.

The structure of the book is easy to follow and throughout draws on the metaphor of a caged bird. It takes you on a journey from exploring your understanding of the things that cage you in and keep you stuck to exploring in detail 8 freedom keys, a set of principles which have the potential to move you into action:

    1. Headspace and Heartspace
    2. Adventure and Aliveness
    3. Playfulness and curiosity
    4. Creativity and Innovation
    5. Boldness and Bravery
    6. Connection and Communication
    7. Enterprise and Initiative
    8. Gratitude and Conscious Living 

There is a chapter dedicated to each. The premise being that as you read the chapters there will be one or two which you are drawn towards as a focus of your attention. Keeping with the metaphor of a bird breaking free of a cage the book goes on to explore: choosing your destination; finding your flock; navigating the skies; coping when life throws you a curveball; staying airborne; soaring.

Whilst the book draws, throughout, upon Beth’s personal experience it is full of stories from other people. These short narratives really ground the content in everyday lived experience.

All the way through the book are exercises to deepen your engagement with the content. It will be a great book for anyone who loves to journal. In fact to get the most from the book you need to journal. An excellent excuse to buy a new journal I think!

Freedom Seeker is an incredibly accessible book, the style of writing draws you in. It made me feel as if I was in conversation with someone who has my very best interests at heart whilst also encouraging me to stretch further than I thought possible. There is a level of realism about the book, an acknowledgement that best intentions can go astray and life can get in the way and a real understanding of how we can so easily become stuck and caged in by our expectations, beliefs, doubts and fears. 

I have loved my first reading of Freedom Seeker and know it is a book I will keep coming back to. If you’re feeling stuck and have a sense that you are treading water knowing that something out there is calling you then this book may be worth exploring. 

The book is available in print and as an ebook and also as an audiobook.

In her bio Beth Kempton describes herself as a mother, writer and, ‘an award-winning entrepreneur and producer of online courses that have helped thousands of people to find personal, professional and financial freedom’. By following the link you can find out more about her work, the other books she has written and the courses she runs.