Self-leadership Shorts for Health Professionals.

When working under increasing pressure it is easy to loose sight of the need to invest in and look after ourselves. Even finding the time to do this can feel impossible in our hectic working schedules as we look at our ever expanding ‘to do’ list. Taking whole days out for ourselves can feel like a luxury. So how about a short bitesized chunks of time? Doesn’t that feel achievable?

The Self-leadership Shorts have been designed to provide a space and time for you to press the pause button for a couple of hours. To take some time to reflect, reconnect and have a conversation with one of the most important people in your life – you! I know they come at the end of a working day but we will take some time at the start of each session to unhook from what has gone before.

As a personal coach I have worked with health professionals for a number of years and the sessions in this first series of Self-leadership Shorts have been informed by topics that crop up on a regular basis in coaching sessions. The sessions will be interactive and so you need to come prepared to do some work, share with others and, hopefully, have some fun on the way. The groups will be limited to a maximum of 15 people and each session will last around an hour and a half. They can be taken as standalone sessions so that you can pick and mix the ones that you feel will be most helpful to you.


The ‘Shorts’ Programme

September 27th. Quietening your inner critic 

When you think about stretching yourself to do something new, make a change in your life or speak up about something you care about do you engage in self-talk along the lines of:

  • Why would you want to do that? You’re OK where you are.
  • People will think you’re stupid if you make that suggestion?
  • What if you make a mess of things?

We will explore the self-critical talk that goes on inside us all, the impact it has on our lives and strategies for turning down its volume. You will get to understand the difference between self-critical and realistic thinking.

October 11th: Building your personal team

Whilst we are can be quick to recognize our limitations we may not be quite so good at acknowledging our strengths. You will be encouraged to shrink your inner critic and, for a little while, become comfortable with stepping into the space of acknowledging your strengths. We will explore a visual technique to help you connect with them more easily and draw on them in moments of self-doubt.

October 25th: Where are you hiding

Do you have something you want to do but are holding back? Are you spending a lot of time on the internet doing searches, or rewriting the same piece of work? When we are nervous about taking a new step we all do it. We polish, we refine, we feel we need to have one more conversation. If this feels familiar get to know your hiding strategies and explore how they hold you back

November 8th: What does it mean to become more visible?

How comfortable do you feel with putting your ideas forward, offering to take the lead on something or claiming credit for something you have done? Are you one of those people who likes to be in the background, is happy to feed your ideas in through someone else? Then this workshop is for you. Self-promotion can feel like a tricky word for a lot of us and so in this workshop we will be exploring what it means to become more visible.

November 22nd: Values based working

If someone asked you about the values you hold would you be able to answer that question? What are the words that come to mind? Have you stopped to consider the core values you strive to honour in your life? When was the last time you checked in with them? How are you honouring them in the different aspects of your life at the moment? These are the questions we will be exploring.

December 6th: Self-compassion

A great topic to end on as we approach the festive season and the demands on us and our time can grow like topsy. Whilst we can invest a great deal of time and energy in other people finding time to treat ourselves with compassion can be a challenge. We can be our own harshest critics. What does it mean to you to treat yourself with compassion and how can you build this into your life?


The ‘Shorts’ practicalities

Investment in yourself: £15 per session (including light refreshments).

All sessions will run from 5.30 – 7pm on a Wednesday evening.

They will be held at Samlesbury War Memorial Hall (just outside of Preston) which is five minutes from junction 31 of the M6 and has ample parking.

Interested but unable to make dates, time or venue?

If you are part of a team or group who is interested in these sessions but are unable to make the times or location I’m happy to explore with you the possibility of coming to you to run workshops at a time and location that works for you. I’m also happy to work with you to develop full day workshops if this feels more appropriate. Please email me to explore further:

If you would like a booking form please complete and submit the details below.

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