Self-coaching ebooks


Whilst I love coaching people on a 1:1 and in small group workshops I know that it isn’t always possible for people to access a personal coaching or join in workshops. Therefore I am creating a series of short self-coaching ebooks to act as an introduction to some of the common issues that arise in my coaching practice.

They are intended to enable you to dip into each topic and are written in, what I hope is, a friendly and accessible style. They are interactive and provide you with a range of exercises to help you develop some personal development strategies. If you want to dive deeper into aspects of your personal development you might want to find out more about the personal coaching I offer or check out some of the resources I’ve highlighted in The Haven.

Please check back from time to time as this is a growing collection.

Getting to Grips With Procrastination

I wonder if there’s something else you should be doing right now? 

Did you come across this download whilst in the middle of something else and get distracted and diverted? Was reading this really at the top of you to do list today? Do you have a decision to make or something to do that keeps getting put on the back burner? Perhaps your workload feels overwhelming and yet you seem to be shuffling the same things over and over again. Do any of these scenarios sound familiar to you? 

Perhaps you’re the person in the team who is always ‘just in time’. Burning the midnight oil to get something completed minutes before the deadline. Telling yourself that you work better under pressure as you run around like a headless chicken when the printer runs out of ink 10 minutes before you need the document. 

Do you long to be the person who cracks on with the task in hand, gets the report in with plenty of time to spare, prepares their presentation weeks in advance? Well here’s a question – are you willing to start getting tougher with yourself, holding yourself to account and building some intention into your schedule? If so brilliant. Let’s dive in and do some work together. You can download my free Ebook Getting to grips with procrastination

…… or maybe time to make a coffee and catch up with a friend! 

As a personal coach I guarantee that dealing with the impact of an inner critic is something that crops up with virtually every person I work with. I know, from experience how mean and limiting that voice can be when we listen to it and give it air time. It says things to about us that we wouldn’t dream of saying to our closest friends and yet we can find ourselves not only listening to it but also believing it and acting on what it says.

Maybe in the past people have told you that you need to be more confident, as if confidence is something you can go out and buy. So, here’s the thing, what if, instead of trying to become more confident, you focus your energy on rethinking your relationship with self-doubt? Standing up to your inner critic and starting to challenge and question what it says? How would that feel? I wonder what impact that might have on the way you live your life? Are you curious to find out? 

In this ebook you will find some exercises to support you in this work. Download the Ebook Quietening Your Inner Critic here

Let’s dive in and do some work together.