Welcome to the home of Friendly Guides

Let us introduce you to our world. As writers we come from very different backgrounds, (Lynne as a personal coach, Occupational Therapist and researcher, Rob as a writer for the UK’s biggest film, TV and theatre companies). We’ve worked together for a number of years and value greatly the differing perspectives we each bring to our work. There is an extra spark when two people come together to work on something important to them both.  Each brings different expertise, energy and perspective. Stepping outside of your world takes you both on a different adventure culminating in a place you would not have reached on your own.
The projects we’ve worked on have aimed to support health professionals and researchers at all stages of their careers. We are inspired by the aspirations and energy of this community and their commitment to making clinical practice the best it can possibly be. We know this world well and understand the challenges and barriers people face. Producing our Friendly Guides is our way of cheering you on, sharing freely our expertise and the knowledge we have gleaned over the years and making our own unique contribution to the world. If you are wondering why we call them Friendly Guides it’s because this is what we hope they are. The world is full of textbooks and we wanted to create something a bit different. Short, focused and, we hope, fun resources to support health professionals/health researchers in areas of their personal development. We love the buzz of working together and, from the feedback we’ve received, have a sense that the guides we create are helpful. So please feel free to download and share freely. We would appreciate you acknowledging our work if you use it to support your own work. If you’d like to find out more about us you can check Lynne out on this website and learn more about Rob’s work here

Do you have an idea for a Friendly Guide?

Sometimes we work together and on other occasions we write guides with other people. If you have an idea for a Friendly Guide please get in touch via the contact section of this website. We’d love to hear from you.