Stepping into Doctoral Study:

Personal mentorship for allied health professionals, nurses & midwives


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Are you thinking of starting a doctorate?

  • Are you working in the health or social care sectors?
  • Would you like to explore the different routes available to you?
  • Are you wondering how to find a supervisor or doctoral programme that’s right for you?
  • Are you questioning whether or not you will be ‘good enough’ to study at this level?

If you answered ‘yes’ to any of the above questions then keep reading.

Friendly Guide: So You Want to do a Doctorate

Last year Rob Young and I published the Friendly Guide So You Want to do a Doctorate.  The guide is aimed at health professionals and explores some of the questions that, from our experience, people often ask when thinking of starting doctoral study.

It is informed by my experience of supervising and examining health professionals undertaking doctoral level study and supporting the development of numerous early career researchers.


There has been a lot of interest in our Friendly Guide and it has been downloaded hundreds of times. However, whilst reading a resource is a great starting place it often raises other questions.

There is something even better about having the opportunity to ask all the questions that came into your mind as you read. Sharing experiences, doubts and excitement with someone who understand what is calling you.

Therefore to provide the opportunity to dive deeper I’m offering personal mentorship focused on Stepping into Doctoral Study. This 1:1  session is designed to help you move from thinking into taking action. I have experience of supervising and examining a wide range of students embarking upon PhDs and have also developed and acted as course leader for a Professional Doctorate. My academic background combined with my expertise as a personal coach will help you explore not only the practical information you require to make a decision but also to connect with what might be holding you back or pushing you forward.

Here’s the great thing you can do it from the comfort of your home or workplace, no need to ask for study leave, plan overnight accommodation or dole out for the cost of travel.

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