Quietening Your Inner Critic

When you think about stretching yourself to take on a new challenge, want to make a change in your life or speak up about something you care about do you engage in self-talk along the lines of:

  • “You’re not good enough to do that”
  • “People will think you’re crazy”
  • “What if you make a mess of things?”

If this sounds familiar then perhaps it’s time to recognise the impact that self-critical talk is having on your life and understand how listening to it can prevent you from moving forward.

In my work as a women’s personal development coach the self-critical talk we all engage in crops up on a regular basis. We have dreams and aspirations which feel wonderful and then in a moment self-doubt comes flooding in. We see a new opportunity in our personal lives or our careers and get excited and then question if we’re good enough. There are so many ways that our inner critic impedes our ability as women. Therefore learning some strategies to respond to those thoughts is important work.

During this interactive workshop we will explore the difference between self-critical talk and realistic thinking, start to recognise the self-critical talk that we engage in and practice some strategies to turn down its volume.

The details:.

This 2 hour workshop will be run as a small group with a maximum of 10 women. If you are interested in joining a session or have a group of colleagues or friends who would like to do this together please contact me for further information.

For further information or to reserve a place please complete the form below or contact me on 07734022151 or email LGpersonaldev@gmail.com